More than gastronomy

We are a project of love and impact


We honor the cultural richness of our region, through the teachings of our grandparents, we understand cooking as a ritual, valuing traditional art and preserving the language, traditions and authentic flavors of Papantla.

Respect for nature

Nakú would not exist without our community. 90% of our collaborators come from local communities, we work with local artisans, artists, potters and families of dancers from nearby communities, supporting and preserving local and traditional art.

Impact on the community

Respect for the land is linked to our culture, understanding that thanks to it we exist and every day it gives us what we need to live. With ancient wisdom, we preserve divine knowledge to honor and protect our environment.

Traditional Totonac cuisine

Feeding the soul

We are a restaurant whose mission is to preserve and promote the Totonac culture through gastronomy, offering a thematic experience in a cultural and natural environment.


Papantla, which means “the city of noisy birds,” is precisely famous for being the place where the smell of vanilla predominates and the unique ritual of flying men, a centuries-old tradition.


We connect the asphalt with the mountain

A few steps from the city in harmony with nature, learn about the heritage of totonacapan.


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Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
(784) 842 21 44 / (784) 107 11 54
Heroico colegio militar, manantiales, 93400 papantla, ver.
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